Ultimate Ears UE 5 PRO w/ Bluetooth
Ultimate Ears UE 5 PRO w/ Bluetooth
Ultimate Ears UE 5 PRO w/ Bluetooth
Ultimate Ears UE 5 PRO w/ Bluetooth
Ultimate Ears UE 5 PRO w/ Bluetooth
Ultimate Ears UE 5 PRO w/ Bluetooth

Ultimate Ears UE 5 PRO w/ Bluetooth

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Say goodbye to off the shelf earphones, the UE5 is your very own custom earphone that actually fits. We take a mold of your ear and build the speakers inside a shell to the exact contours of your ears, making them perfect for traveling, the gym or to drown out your surroundings. 

Designed with your color choice and option for bluetooth or regular cable, these will soon become your day in day out companion. You will listen to your music in a way you've never heard it before. 


1) Cable option: Bluetooth or standard. 

2) Color option: See image of included color options. More colors and designs available for additional cost and can be upgraded at time of ear impressions. 

3) Carry case option: Circle or square case enscribed with your name or nickname. 

4) Ear impressions which are then 3D scanned.*

5) Shipping from UE to your home address. Please note any customs and duty fees are responsibility of customer. 

Optional extras: Additional cable + AED400. UE's suggested designs Own customized logo/design + AED750. 

How to order?

Process: Use the checkout to place your order and AR Custom Ears will schedule you for ear impressions within 24 hours. During the ear impressions appointment, Adam will go through the cable, color and holding case options that you want. If you want additional options, this can be processed during the appointment. After the ear impressions, it will take no longer than 14 working days to get your UE5s in your ears. 

Payment method: Cash, bank transfer, debit, credit card. 

The UE5 technology

The UE 5 Pro is the original dual driver (2 speakers per ear) custom in-ear monitor with exceptional frequency response and extended headroom. Now available with bluetooth cables, you can experience the same audio the professionals do, while boarding a plane or running on a treadmill. The earphones' design gives two distinct sound channels, keeping the highs, mids, and lows phase aligned.

*Free ear impressions in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. For other areas, please contact for information on how to get fitted. 

*Please note, the earphones will be delivered to you directly from Ultimate Ears. You may be required to pay 5% VAT and customs upon delivery.