Anton Zaslavski, ZEDD, Touring DJ 
- Custom Earplugs 
"I had an issue with my hearing about 4 years ago and I have been very careful about wearing earplugs since. With my first few pairs I wasn't able to get them fitting securely for the duration of a show. I then met Adam and he worked with me to get them fitting perfectly". 
Ralf Peppekus, Audiophile in Dubai
- UE11 & Custom Earplugs
"Adam has been nothing but perfect in guiding me through the process of getting custom in-ears. And to anyone still on the fence: Do it!! The sound quality is so much better thanks to the isolation - it's amazing, they say that once you go custom - you never go back and it's true. Adam has consulted and helped me make the best choice for my musical taste. Everything worked exactly as outlined during the ordering and delivery process. I got mine in record time and couldn't be happier with my purchase. They fit perfectly fine which I attribute a lot to Adam making these great ear-impressions and getting everything right. Thanks a LOT and I will be back for an upgrade eventually!"
Yohan de Silva, Audiophile in Dubai 
- JH13v2 & Custom Earplugs 
"I started contacting Adam the first time someone posted about him on headfi, it took me 3 months to choose and decide the product that I wanted. And in all this time Adam was patient and determined to find what's best for me. Best part was he gave me all the demos that I needed and time that I needed, and he never cared about the price point or the brand. For this alone I would totally recommend him. When it comes to ear impressions, he was very professional and he knew exactly how it should be done. He explained the whole process and it was really easy to work with him. Not only that he went the extra mile, helped me customize the ciems and get them delivered without any hassle. I got the ciems and a pair of lovely swimming ear plugs from him, he is an expert in ear protection and creating ciems! 10/10 recommended!".